Authentic Mexican Food Restaurant Near Toronto

Are you looking for an authentic Mexican restaurant near Toronto? Look no further than El Mariachi. We offer a wide selection of authentic Mexican food and specialty cocktails that are sure to make your mouth water. Enjoy quality food, affordable prices, and a casual environment when you stop by our restaurant.

With a variety of dishes to choose from that the entire family can enjoy, come see what we have to offer and discover your go-to authentic Mexican food restaurant.

What Dishes Do We Offer?

As a family-owned business, we take pride in the personal touch and family-friendly atmosphere at our restaurant. We strive to create a welcoming and fun environment, from the décor to the Latin music that we play. Additionally, you can savor your meal on our private outdoor patio with inviting greenery and a fountain.

Whether you are in the mood for authentic tacos or empanadas, we are confident that you will be blown away by the incredible flavors. Our chefs and cooks are from Mexico, so we understand what makes Mexican food so delicious, and we love to share that with you. We also offer a kids’ menu and a selection of specialty drinks, so parties of all ages can find just what they want.

What Makes Us Different?

Founded by an owner from Mexico City and staffed by chefs and cooks from Mexico, you can count on us to provide that perfect, authentic restaurant that you are searching for. If you are a lover of this flavorful cuisine or want to try something new, stop by El Mariachi for the full experience.

Browse our menu or stop by today and experience our delicious food for yourself. We are passionate about sharing this experience with you and look forward to becoming your new favorite authentic Mexican restaurant near Toronto.